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WDW series microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine (0.01-0.5 tons)
ProductName:WDW series microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine (0.01-0.5 tons)
Productdescribe:WDW series microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine (0.01-0.5 tons)

Product Name: WDW series microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

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Product overview:

WDW series microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine in our company on the basis of the original machine to further improve and meet thenational standard GB/T16491 design model. The computer system through the digitalcontroller, the control of AC servo motor speed control system, the reduction system slowdown by precision ball screw drives the moving beam rise, fall, complete the tensile, compression, bending, shear and other mechanical properties testing, to achieve closed-loop control of the test force, deformation and displacement and other parameters of the beam, meet the requirements of the national GB/T228 "metallic materials tensile test method" of data processing, the test force, peak test power,beam displacement, deformation and experimental curves of the screen display,automatic processing of test data (according to the corresponding test method) andtreatment results of disk storage. In addition to the universal test machine configuration for different kinds of attachment, in the test of mechanical properties ofmetal, nonmetal, composite materials and products, has a very broad application prospects. In the material inspection building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber, plastics, textile, home appliances and other industries of the test machine is widely used, is the ideal test equipment for scientific research institutions, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, and technical supervision, arbitration and other departments of the.

Function characteristics:

1 select additional force sensor can enlarge the measuring range; 2 force controlspeed regulating range can also be chosen according to the stress rate, stress rate = force controlled rate / sample the original cross-sectional area; 3 deformation rateadjustment range can also according to the strain rate, strain rate = deformation rate/ sample original gauge; 4 the force control rate and deformation rate are associated with the specimen material, its scope beyond the displacement rate adjustment range;5 in order to avoid the force sensor to generate permanent deformation, the long timeto maintain the test, the test force preferably not more than 50% of full scale sensor;6 effective tensile space for the test space installed standard Rashin fixture after thefixture, such as different, its value will be different; 7 effective tensile space andeffective width can be extended, when ordering please note; a value of 8 "/" and asan optional numeric.

Technical parameters:

Model WDW-01 WDW-02 WDW-05 WDW-1 WDW-2 WDW-5

The biggest test of 200N 500N 1KN 2KN 5KN 100N

The host structure (can be selected) single arm type structure

The maximum test load test force measurement range 0.4%-100%

The test force measurement accuracy better than showing the value of ± 1%(precision is ± 0.5%)

All the important components of host host precision imported large processing centerprocessing, ensure the precision testing machine

The test force resolution 1/300000 (not the whole tranche or equivalent 6 file)

Displacement measurement resolution of WDW series microcomputer controlelectronic universal testing machine is higher than 0.001mm resolution

Beam speed 0.001-500mm/min, stepless speed regulation

Large deformation measurement range 10mm-800mm

Deformation measurement accuracy of full scale in the extensometer is better than that of 2%-100% range, showing the value of ± 0.5%

The speed control precision is ± 1% (0.01~10mm/min) + 0.5% (10~500mm/min);

Constant, constant deformation, constant displacement control range 0.2%-100%FS

Constant, constant deformation, constant displacement control precision of the set value < 10%FS, the set value within ± 1%; set value ≥ 10%FS, set within the value of + 0.1%

Deformation rate accuracy rate of < 0 5%FS, ± 2% setting value; rate ≥ 0.05%FS ± 0.5% setting value

Tensile testing space (customizable) 800mm

The width of the space (customizable) Limited

Jig (customizable) standard tensile attached with optional compression, bending,attached with and the other with the situation

Size (customizable) φ 100m

The power of single-phase, 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, power: 2kW

The working environment of room temperature -35 , relative humidity of not more than 80%

Host size (customizable) 600mm * 360mm * 1650mm

The whole weight of 180kg