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WES-D digital display hydraulic universal testing machine
ProductName:WES-D digital display hydraulic universal testing machine
Productrange:100 kN-1000 kN
Productdescribe:WES-D digital display hydraulic universal testing machine

Product Name: WES-D digital display hydraulic universal testing machine
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Main uses:
The WES-D digital display hydraulic universal testing machine produced by Ji'nan time test machine factory is mainly used for tensile test, compression and bending test of metallic materials. After adding simple accessories, it can detect cement, concrete, brick, tile, rubber and their products.
The WES-D digital display hydraulic universal testing machine is composed of two upright post double screw oil cylinder underlay main engine and the harp oil source control cabinet. The tensile space is located above the host, and the compression and bending tests are located between the middle beam and the worktable below the host. The adjustment of the test space is realized through the moving beam, and the lifting of the middle beam is driven by the chain drive. Manually adjust the oil intake to realize the tensile, compression and bending tests of the material. The test results of the maximum force and tensile strength of the material were obtained automatically after the test was completed.
Performance characteristics:
1, the special super thick jaw seat is clamped at the jaws to hold the sample, so that the jaws are completely contained in the jaw seat, so that the clamping of the sample is more reliable, and the possibility of trumpet deformation due to the shallow jaw of the jaw is eliminated, which greatly improves the service life of the device.
2, add a wear-resistant lining between the jaw seat and the jaw plate to prevent the phenomenon of scratching on the inclined surface of the jaw seat during the drawing process, so that the clamping process is more smooth and more reliable.
3. The measurement and control system has a fast running speed, a mild interface and a variety of sample information input modes, which can meet the testing of different materials. The sample for the same condition is automatically generated at one time.
The test force of the 4, WES-D digital display hydraulic universal testing machine shows the constant resolution to ensure the accuracy of the measurement of the experimental data.
5. The test data (test force, loading rate) and test curve are displayed on the dynamic real-time screen with the test process.
6. After the experiment, the experimental data are automatically analyzed, automatically stored and printed.
7. The 2%-100%, when the load exceeds the slow range, is an automatic overload protection shutdown.
8. The date of the decomposition test of the digital display hydraulic universal testing machine can be automatically querying the relevant historical records.
9. The data interface is reserved for the software, which is convenient for the local network of the test room interval, which is convenient for the test data management.
Technical parameters:
Product model WES-100D WES-300D WES-600D WES-1000D
Main structure of double pillar double screw cylinder under structure (1000D four column double screw)
Maximum test force 100 kN 300 kN 600 kN 1000 kN
Test machine level 1 level
Range of test force measurement 2%-100%
The value of the relative value of the error is less than or equal to + 1% in the test force
The maximum moving rate of the piston 70 (mm/min)
Beam adjustment speed 120 (mm/min)
Maximum piston stroke 250mm
Manual loading of control mode
Effective stretching space 650mm
Effective compression of space 550mm
Column spacing 540mm 540mm 540 650mm
Manual clamping for clamping (optional hydraulic clamping)
Circular specimen holding diameter of 6- [26mm], 6-, 26mm, 13-, 40mm, 13- and 40mm
Flat specimen holding thickness 0-15mm 0-15mm 0-15mm 0-30mm
Flat specimen holding width 70mm 70mm 75mm 75mm
Up and down pressure plate size [Phi] 160/204*204mm (selection)
Bending distance of 600 mm
Width of bending roller 140mm
Mechanical limit protection and software overload protection for safety protection device
The mainframe size (mm) is 810 * 560 * 2050810 * 560 * 560 * 2050830 * 580 x 215010600 * 660 x 2450
Host power 0.55KW 0.55KW 0.55KW 0.75KW
The shape of the oil source control cabinet (mm) 590 * 5500 x 1280590 * 5500 * 1280590 * 5500 x 1280590 * 5500 x 1280
Power supply of control cabinet 1.5 KW 1.5 1.5 1.5
Host machine weight 1700kg 1950kg 2200kg 2950kg