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JBW-300B microcomputer display impact testing machine
ProductName:JBW-300B microcomputer display impact testing machine
Productdescribe:JBW-300B microcomputer display impact testing machine

The Ji'nan times testing instrument Co., Ji'nan testing machine, testing machine factory in Ji'nan, Ji'nan test machine factory specializing in the production of mechanical properties testing machine, universal testing machine, tensile testing machine, pressure testing machine,impact test machine and other mechanical testing instrument, machinecheaper price, quality assurance:

Main uses

JBW series impact test machine is used to inspect the performance of shock resistance of metal materials under dynamic load is detecting instrument, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other unitsnecessary testing instrument, indispensable for the research of new materials and scientific research units, this series is currently on the market the most common use of impact testing machine.

Technical characteristics:

 this machine adopts PC control, electric shock, Yang pendulum,measurement, calculation, display the results and print, high work efficiency, high test precision. Use the remaining energy automatic pendulum movement in the impact specimen, to prepare the next test preparation, simple operation, work efficiency is high. The computer can impact energy, impact toughness, pendulum tilt angle and theaverage calculation and display materials, and can be printed when the average value of test data and test

 testing machine for single support pillar structure, cantilever hanging and swinging, pendulum pituitary U;

 impact tool adopts screw fixed, change is simple and convenient;

 specimen Charpy type support;

 host is provided with a safety pin, and is equipped with a safety net;

 test machine is a semi automatic control, pendulum movement,hanging and swinging, shock, put all the electrical control, and canuse the remaining energy automatic uplift thrust specimen after thependulum to prepare the next experiment preparation, especially suitable for the Department for impact testing laboratory and do a lot of impact test of metallurgy, machine manufacture and so on; testingmachine with GB/T229-2007 "metallic materials Charpy Notch Impact Test Method" on the metal material impact test requirements.

Technical parameters

Model JBW-300B JBW-500B

The computer screen display mode

The impact energy 150/300J 250/500J

The pendulum shaft center to impact distance 750mm 800mm

The impact velocity of 5.2m/s 5.4m/s

The pendulum of pre tilt angle 150 °

Sample support span 40+0.2mm

Jaw angle R1-1.5mm

The impact of rounded cutting edge R2-2.5mm, R8 ± 0.05mm

The sample size of 10 (7.5, 5, 2.5) mm * 10mm * 55mm