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WDW-50A microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine
ProductName:WDW-50A microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine
Productdescribe:WDW-50A microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine

Product introduction:
The WDW-50A microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine is a new generation of dual space microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine specially designed for colleges and research institutes. The design of the host and auxiliary testing machine from Japan SHIMADZU advanced technology, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance. The computer system through the Ji'nan times testing machine technology Co. company controller, the control servo motor rotation speed control system, the reduction system slowdown by precision after the screw drives the moving beams of rise and fall, complete the tensile, compression, bending, shear and other mechanical properties test, no pollution, low noise, high efficiency, with the speed of a very wide range and beam moving distance, the test configuration variety of attachment, in the test of mechanical properties of metals and non metals, composite materials and products, has very wide application prospect. This machine is widely used in material inspection building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber plastic, textile, home appliance industry analysis, is the ideal test equipment, scientific research institutions, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, and technical supervision, arbitration and other departments.
This machine adopts full digital servo control system speed and high precision, stable performance and servo motor as the driving system, the Ji'nan times testing machine technology Co. Ltd. controller as the core of control system, with WINDOWS interface control and data processing software, realize the test force, peak force, displacement, test beam deformation test and test curve screen display, all operations are test by the mouse automatically on the computer. The good humanized design makes the test operation more convenient. The closed loop control technology, the machine can achieve near perfect test force, deformation and displacement and other parameters, can realize the constant stress and constant strain and constant displacement control mode, and can smooth switching between various control modes. The machine fully meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T228-2002 "the tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature". At the same time, it can carry out test and data processing according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and various standards provided by users, and it has good expansibility.
Technical parameters:
Maximum test force 50KN
Test machine precision 0.5
Range of test force measurement 0.4%-100%FS
The accuracy of test force is better than that of 1%
Displacement resolution 0.001mm
The accuracy of displacement measurement is better than that of 1%
Test speed range 0.001-500mm/min
Tensile space (without fixture) 600mm
Compressed space 600mm
Column spacing 400mm
The cuneiform fixture has a flat sample 0-21mm, and the round specimen is 4-26mm
Host size 720*500*1850mm
Host weight 400Kg
Motor power 0.75KW
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Working environment room temperature - 35 centigrade, relative humidity not more than 80%