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WAW-E series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine
ProductName:WAW-E series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine
Productrange:300 600 1000 1500 2000 kN
Productdescribe:WAW-E series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine

Product Name: WAW-E series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine
Product model: WAW-300E/600E/1000E/2000E
Ji'nan times consulting phone: 131-531-22677
Product overview:
The WAW-E series microcomputer controlled electro hydraulic servo universal testing machine produced by Ji'nan time test machine factory is mainly used for tensile, compression, bending, shearing, stripping and tearing of metal, nonmetal and composite materials and components. Meet the requirements of various testing methods such as GB, ISO, ASTM, JIN and so on.
Performance characteristics:
1. this machine has three closed loop functions, that is, it can carry on the control mode of stress, strain, displacement closed loop and so on, and can carry on no shock switching. The stress velocity and strain rate fully conform to the requirements of other metal tensile test standards such as the national standard GB228-2010 "metal tensile test method". It fully meets the requirements of GB/T2611 "test machine general technical requirements" and GB/T16826 "electrohydraulic servo universal testing machine".
2. this machine is my company a new generation of electric hydraulic servo universal hydraulic testing machine products, the four column frame structure, using two-way cylinder, to achieve two-way control of tension and compression in a space, and whether the load or deformation sensor, has not the whole file (to avoid the conflict range conversion score file more excellent, characteristics). The main manifestation is that the whole process has a unique resolution.
3. the equipment has multiple protection functions, with hardware and software overload protection, oil temperature overtemperature alarm and high oil pressure safety protection.
4. use the company's full digital multi channel closed-loop measurement and control system (also can be used by the German DOLI company EDC-220).
5., the machine adopts imported photoelectric encoder from Japan. It has high measuring accuracy. It can not only measure and control the displacement of the piston, but also measure and control the tensile deformation of the specimen.
6., the internationally famous brand ABB motor is adopted in the product. The motor has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, high starting torque, good performance, low noise, small vibration, high reliability and convenient operation and maintenance.
7. the servo valve is used instead of the traditional nozzle flapper proportional servo valve, which improves the resistance to pollution and is easy to maintain.
8. this machine uses a pull pressure measuring element as a high-precision spoke type sensor, which is subjected to unidirectional force. It is the key element to test the tensile, pressure, bending and shear test force of the machine. At the upper part of the main piston under the test platform, the electrical signal produced by the force is collected and processed by the unit of the lower computer and the computer. It has the ability of anti bias load, high accuracy and linearity. It avoids many unfavorable factors caused by the oil pressure sensor and the accuracy of the influence value measurement.
9. WAW-E series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine adopts two-way oil cylinder, which has good sealing, high precision and good consistency.
10. servo valve unique pressure servo technology can ensure that the pressure of the system is always higher than the pressure required by the cylinder only 1.5Mpa, which greatly saves energy and reduces heating. It is verified that it doesn't need to add any water cooling system after 12 hours of continuous use.
The low friction seal ring is added between the 11. piston and the cylinder block to prevent the oil from the oil cylinder. The joint of the high pressure hose is sealed with a jacket.
12. using the filter of Hydac company, the cleanliness of hydraulic system oil can be guaranteed. The system runs reliably and has long life.
13. the use of high pressure internal gear pump, patent two piece eccentric filling and radial and axial pressure compensation design, high efficiency. The pressure pulsation is low, the pressure is stable, and the noise is lower than 60dB.
14., TestWord5.0 control test software automatically collects and processes test data, displays test data, load deformation curve and load time curve in real time, and can print user's required format test reports. The original data of the drawing process is stored in the default folder, and the user can reproduce the tensile curve and reanalyze the tensile results. The computer can export the original data of the experiment process, reappear the tensile curve with Excel and other tools, and check all the parameters.
15. the test machine meets the requirements of standard GB/T2611-2008 "general technical requirements for testing machines".
Technical parameters:
Product model WAW-300E WAW-600E WAW-1000E WAW-1500E WAW-2000E
Main frame structure of four vertical cylinder with double screw cylinder under high strength host structure
Maximum test force 300kN 600 kN 1000 kN 1500kN 2000 kN
Test machine level 1 level /0.5 level
Range of test force measurement 2%-100%FS
The value of the relative value of the error is less than or equal to + 1% in the test force
Force resolution 1/300000
Deformable measuring device electronic extensometer
Relative indication error is less than or equal to + 0.5% deformation
Photoelectric encoder of displacement measuring device
The value of the relative error is less than or equal to the value + 1%/ + 0.5% in displacement
Displacement resolution 0.01mm
The maximum moving speed of the piston 0.2-70 (mm/min) without pole speed regulation
Beam adjustment speed 120 (mm/min)
Maximum piston stroke 250mm
Control mode three closed loop control and programming control
Effective stretching space 650mm
Effective compression of space 550mm
Column spacing 550mm 650mm 650 700mm
Hydraulic automatic clamping by means of clamping
The diameter of a circular specimen with a diameter of 6- phi, 30mm, 6-, 40mm, 13-, 60mm, 26-, 70mm, 26- and 26- 80mm
Flat specimen holding thickness 0-20mm 0-30mm 0-40mm 0-50mm 0-60mm
Flat specimen holding width 70mm 75mm 75mm 80mm 80mm
Up and down pressure plate size 204*204mm
Bending distance of 600 mm
Width of bending roller 140mm
Mechanical limit protection and software overload protection for safety protection device
The mainframe size (mm) 945 * 654 x 2186945 * 654 * 654 * 21861010 * 7500 x 22251200 * 1050 x 28601100 * 770 * 2685
Host power 0.75KW 1KW 1.1KW 1.5KW
Oil source control cabinet profile (mm) 960 * 630 x 900960 * 630 * 900960 * 630 x 900960 * 630