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WDW-300E electronic universal testing machine (30 tons)
ProductName:WDW-300E electronic universal testing machine (30 tons)
Productdescribe:WDW-300E electronic universal testing machine (30 tons)

Product Name: WDW-300E electronic universal testing machine 30 tons)
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First, product overview:
WDW-300E electronic universal testing machine (30 tons) adopts double space gate structure, the standard is the upper space stretching, the lower space compression, the bending. The main part of the electronic universal testing machine is made up of four guiding columns, upper crossbeams, middle beams and worktables. The speed control system is installed on the lower part of the workbench. This machine is produced by the Ji'nan times testing machine factory by speed and high precision, wide range, stable performance of Japan's Matsushita AC servo motor through the synchronous belt drive gear system of ball screw rotation, ball screw drive a drive tension (or compression, bending and other auxiliary devices) move up and down, to achieve the loading and unloading samples. The structure ensures that the frame has sufficient stiffness and achieves high efficiency and smooth transmission at the same time. The main parts of the main machine are processed in the processing center to ensure the accuracy of the main engine. The ball screw is class E5.
Two. Functional characteristics:
(1) AC servo drive and AC servo motor, the performance is stable and reliable, with over current, overvoltage, overspeed, overload and other protection devices. The speed ratio can reach 1:100000.
(2) the protection functions such as overload, overflow, overvoltage, displacement upper and lower limit and emergency stop.
(3) electrical control line is in line with international standard, accords with the electrical standard of national test machine, and has strong anti-interference ability. It ensures the stability of controller and accuracy of experimental data.
Three. Technical parameters:
Product name
Maximum test force (kN)
Three hundred
Measuring range of test force
0.4%~100% of the maximum test force
Accuracy of test force
Better than the test value of 1% (precision grade is + 0.5%)
Test force resolution
200000 yards
Extended range (mm)
Maximum deformation measurement (mm)
Deformation measurement range (mm)
2%~100% with maximum deformation
Relative error of deformable indication
Better than the test value of 1% (precision grade is + 0.5%)
Relative error of displacement indication
Better than the test value of 1% (precision grade is + 0.5%)
Displacement resolution (mm)
Zero point zero zero one
Displacement rate adjustment range (mm/min)
0.005~500, stepless speed regulation
Relative error of displacement rate
Better than the test value of 1% (precision grade is + 0.5%)
Host size (mm)
1100 x 770 x 2685
Test space width (mm)
Six hundred
Stretch stroke (mm)
Six hundred
Compression stroke (mm)
Six hundred
The maximum stroke of the beam (mm)
One thousand three hundred and fifty
Host quality (kg)
One thousand three hundred and fifty
Mainframe power supply
5kW, AC380V + 10%, three phase four wire
work environment
The room temperature is 10 to 35 C, and the humidity is 20% ~ 80%
Four. Standard configuration:
Mainframe AC servo motor and system
Deceleration system
Software and measurement and control system
Ball screw pair
Load sensor
Photoelectric encoder
2000 line
Current mainstream configuration of Lenovo brand
1 Taiwan
HP (A4, inkjet printer)
1 Taiwan
Computer desk
Stretch attached pliers
0mm ~ 7mm
Round jaw
20mm ~ 26mm
Compression device
The diameter of the pressure plate is 120
Bending device
Span 500mm, roller and roller diameter diameter 30mm
Random tools
Random file
Special attachments (required for another order)
Flat tongs 7mm to 14mm, 14mm to 20mm
Round jaws from 9mm to 14mm, 14mm to 20mm