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WEW-B series computer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine
ProductName:WEW-B series computer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine
Productdescribe:WEW-B series computer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine

Product Name: WEW-B series computer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine
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1. Use of equipment:
The WEW-B series microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine produced by Ji'nan time test machine factory is widely applied to tensile, compression, bending and shearing tests of metal materials, and also can be used for compressive and Flexural Tests of non-metallic materials such as cement and concrete. Special AIDS, mechanical properties test can fasteners, steel wire rope, components, high quality testing equipment, Department of aerospace engineering quality detection, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units ideal. The test operation and data processing conform to GB/T228-2010 "tensile test method of metal materials at room temperature", and carry out a variety of test standards such as GB, ISO and so on.
The WEW-B series microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine introduces the advanced technology of SHIMADZU, Japan, which uses worm wheel and worm structure to eliminate the influence of the screw rod gap on the experimental curve, making the test curve more perfect. The jaw is semi closed, and the rigidity is better. Compared with the chain drive, the transmission system is completely separated from the positioning system. The geometric center of the loading system is exactly the same with the load center, which ensures the coaxality of the upper and lower jaws and the durability of the main engine. Product configuration AD800 digital multichannel system, absorb the advanced features of the German DOLI controller, and the integration of measurement and control system of the new generation of many international professional testing machine, control software can automatically calculate the tensile strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, elongation, non proportional extension strength, RP0.2 the conventional data, using constant, constant displacement, constant deformation and other control methods, the test process can be real-time display of force displacement, force time, force deformation and other test curves, and can automatically switch smoothly, observe the comparison. The control and data processing of the computer control system fully conform to the requirements of the national standards of the corresponding metal materials and non-metallic materials.
Two. Technical parameters:
Serial number technical index WEW-300B WEW-600B WEW-1000B
1 maximum test force kN 3006001000
The value of the relative value of the error is less than or equal to + 1% in 2 test force
3 the 2%~100% of the maximum test force for the measurement of the test force
4 displacement measurement resolution (mm) 0.01
The relative error of the 5 deformation measurement is in accordance with the regulation of the 1 level extensometer in the JB/T 6146-2007 "extensometer technical condition"
6 clamping mode hydraulic clamping
The holding diameter of 7 round specimens is mm diameter 10~, 32, 6-, 40, 12- and 60
8 flat specimen holding thickness mm 0~15 0-30 0-55
9 shear specimen diameter mm diameter 10 mm 10
10 maximum tensile test space mm 600
11 maximum compression test space mm 500
12 control cabinet shape mm 610 x 700 x 1100
13 mainframe size (including piston stroke) mm 1000 x 600 * 23651180 * 750 * 26331200 x 780 * 2850
Net spacing of 14 columns mm 530650650
15 upper and lower pressure plate size mm diameter 125 mm 160
16 curved support roll spacing mm 350600800
17 bending support roll width mm 140
18 permissible bending degree mm 100100150
The maximum stroke of 19 piston mm 250250250
The maximum moving speed of the 20 piston is about 70 mm/min, about 7050
21 test space adjustment mechanism disc motor turbine worm drive
22 motor power kW 2.25 2.6 4.5
23 host quality kg 230030005700