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Fatigue testing machine
The release date :2017-12-28 15:33:37

Product information
The test machine adopts electro-hydraulic servo control technology, which is suitable for all kinds of cylinder vibration absorber's static and dynamic performance test (indicator test, speed characteristic test), fatigue life test (durability test), temperature characteristic test and so on. The test method meets the relevant requirements of the standard for automobile cylinder shock absorber test (QC/T545-1999) and the technical conditions and test methods of motorcycle and moped shock absorber (QC/T62-2007).
Functional characteristics
A variety of control and compensation functions, including peak valley compensation, amplitude phase compensation, dynamic response adaptive compensation, etc., users can hardly adjust the parameters of P, I and D automatically, and can automatically compensate for the sample stiffness.
Advanced full digital signal processing technology, the system resolution is 19. 19 point linear correction is used for sensor calibration. The sensor signals have a variety of filters, which provide high precision, low drift and low noise performance, and further ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.
The user - defined program control combination test can be carried out, and the control mode is automatically switched in the process of pre - set test.
The function generator has many kinds of waveforms, besides the conventional waveform, it can also accept the external input wave and the reproduced waveform of the specified format.
The sampling frequency of the system is as high as 6kHz. Provide analog and digital input and output interface, rich data collection and graphic display function, complete limit and failure protection function.
technical parameter
1. The maximum static test force is + 10KN, the accuracy of the indication is + 1%, and the precision range is 2%-100FS..
2, the maximum dynamic test force: + 10KN, dynamic fluctuation less than 1%FS;
3, frequency range: 0.1-10Hz;
4, the maximum stroke of the actuator is: + 125mm, and the accuracy of the indicator is + 0.5FS..
5. Main test waveforms: sinusoidal, Fang Bo, triangle, T wave, oblique wave and other command waveforms
6, constant pressure servo pump station: pressure 21Mpa, flow 70L/min, power 30KW, filtering precision 3 mu;
7, controller: PC full digital hydraulic servo controller;
8. Maximum test speed: 1.2m/s;
9. The temperature control range of the environment box: -30 C - 120 degree C;
10, the maximum test space (actuator on the end to end force sensor): = 1200mm;
11, test space adjustment way: hydraulic lifting, locking beam;
After-sale service
1. in the process of installation and commissioning of the equipment, the company sends professional technicians to guide the installation, to be responsible for debugging, and to deal with problems in the process of installation and debugging.
2. after the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the company assists the user with the local metrological verification department for the acceptance of the equipment.
3. free of charge to the operator for technical training, the result to achieve each per capita ability to achieve independent proficiency.
4. product "quality three package" quality guarantee period of three years, life-long service. During the quality assurance period, it is responsible for failures due to defects in design, manufacturing, process or material, and repair and replace defective parts or machines for free. After the quality assurance period, the hardware is replaced by the cost of accepting the cost, and the software is upgraded free of charge.
5. for the random configuration of the vulnerable parts not in the "quality three package" period, do not do free treatment, but to ensure a timely and favorable supply of long-term compensation.
6. after the expiration of the warranty period, we will provide a warranty service at a favorable price.