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Development objectives: self design, collaborative work, and create excellence
Self design fully reflects the company's ability to compete in the creative and infinite vitality, lost self design also lost the company's charm. The company advocates the overall behavior of self design, promote the Department, each person, each work of self design, self design for the volunteers to provide a place to display their talent, the release of energy, but also for each era provides a super level play of the stage and space.
We are not the pursuit of perfection, and that excellence is the end result of behavior, to create a superior satisfaction is the highest psychological enjoyment, excellence is endless, endless, more than a height, the new height is displayed in front of. Ji'nan times in the play of each person's autonomy - "self design" at the same time, with its effective management system, corporate culture constraints, to guide their behavior to the same, so as to achieve a.
The principle of construction division -- science and technology industry, industry and export
High-tech enterprises must be based on high-tech products, science and technology is the foundation of the company. Ji'nan era has always been the technology innovation strategy as the basic strategy of enterprise development. In the industrial development process and product development process, the company will "domestic first-class, the world's most advanced", "do not seek only, but beg first" as the target of development, continue to develop with independent intellectual property rights of the high added value products. For mature products, the company to accelerate the pace of industrialization, the era of Ji'nan believes that as an industrial type of economic entities, must reach a certain size of the industry, otherwise the enterprise can not grow and develop.
At the same time, Ji'nan era will reach out to overseas, will be a good time to introduce overseas friends, to participate in the international economic cycle, the high-tech industry oriented economic entities must go abroad, to the world, to participate in the international market competition.
Practice has proved that the era of Ji'nan rely on science and technology, industry, industry, exports and legislative division, rely on technological innovation, scientific and technological progress and development of the industry, the growth of the road is entirely correct.
Quality policy: outstanding high-tech products, the quality of people at ease, so that you are satisfied with the service
"Outstanding high-tech products" is the purpose of the development of the Ji'nan era, "domestic first-class, the world's advanced" high-tech products is always the focus of the company, the products of Ji'nan era always at home and abroad.
"Reassuring quality" is the purpose of the Ji'nan era, quality is the life of the product, is the key to the user's trust, quality so that users can be assured that the product will remain invincible.
"Let you satisfied with the service" is the essence of the work of the company, the Ji'nan times that no user is no company, there is no cause for the progress and development. Era of service is to help users solve various problems, difficulties and doubts, the company requirements: the user's service can not be because of the small and not for it, but also can not be bothered by the issue of.
"Outstanding high-tech products, reassuring quality, satisfactory service" is the quality policy of the era of science and technology, but also the lifeline of the era of Ji'nan, the company requires all my colleagues in the development, production, sales, service and other work.