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The development potential of wine consumption in China
The release date :2011-3-9 21:15:08

  The data from China Customs show that from January to July 2010, the country’s imported wines rose 32.5% and China has overtaken Japan to become Asia's largest wine consumer. In addition, Chine is the new wine consumption country. Now, China cities white-collar and gold collar crowd, only 1% -2% know how to drink wine, Hong Kong and Singapore may reach 10%, while in developed countries the proportion has reached 40% -50%. In addition, China is the country of strong momentum of economic development, people's living standards and consumption level rise and wine consumption has also gradually improved. The reduced import duties of wine and the low threshold for import and export trade have increased the opportunities for imported wine into China. These data show that in the future, imported wine in China will have a huge space for development.