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The release date :2013-6-9 23:44:57

Ji'nan Xinshidai assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. hydraulic universal testing machine for each test machine will have the problem in detail some of the information to introduce some component test machine and the matters needing attention, introduction to stand below is the hydraulic million en the testing machine.
Hydraulic universal testing machine operating cylinder and piston is arranged in the middle of work. After starting the oil pump, high pressure oil through the oil pipe and enters the first hole in the middle cylinder ring, to form a high pressure oil seal between the piston and the cylinder, to the piston in the middle position, thus reducing the friction of piston and cylinder.
Another effect of the high pressure sealing ring is, when the high pressure oil through the slide valve and oil into the cylinder when the piston rises, the holes in the bottom, which can reduce the gaps and prevent hydraulic universal testing machine at the bottom of the high pressure oil leak. Leakage oil through apertures in the upper part of the oil cylinder return tank.